How to Choose the Right Care

At American In-Home Care you are in charge. While there are several models for obtaining senior home care services Orlando FL families prefer, the Consumer Directed Model or Caregiver Registry puts families and those to be cared for in control of the decisions regarding their care, and their choice of caregiver.  A Registry typically provides clients a more affordable care alternative. Our referral agency or registry model permits us the flexibility to attract qualified, self-employed professional care providers with years of experience that have been thoroughly screened and vetted through a rigorous process.  Registered care providers include supportive, caring Companions, licensed Certified Nursing Assistants or (CNAs), and certified and trained Home Health Aides or (HHAs), that are presented to our clients for their approval and acceptance.

Some of the benefits of a an engagement with American In-Home Care include…

  • Consultation
    Client determines their care needs with AIHC representative assistance
  • Choice
    Client selects a care provider from AIHC screened, verified, credentialed, and insured candidates
  • Control
    Client is guaranteed a “care provider match”
  • Cost
    Client enjoys affordable care options
  • Confidence
    Client assurance that the AIHC local team, your Client Care Liaison and Client Care Coordinator manage the on-going compliance & administrative requirement on your behalf

Every in-home caregiving situation is unique, and thus, we offer a complimentary consultation with a local American In-Home Care professional. One of our Client Care Liaisons will help you best determine what services are needed, and help us select the right care provider to present.

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