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Home Care For Aging Parents: What To Do When The Time Comes

There comes a time when we realize that home care for aging parents is necessary. The moment of realization usually comes in the form of a crisis, perhaps mom fell and broke her hip, or maybe dad went on a walk and couldn't find his way home. Moments like these are frightening, and can bring up feelings of anxiety for what is to come.

How do you talk to your parents about a very complex and sensitive situation? How do you take time away from your job or your own family and children's needs? How do you take care of your parents the same way that they cared for you?

These are all very legitimate questions that arise during a time like this, and the most important thing to do when mom and dad need care is to remain calm and not get frustrated.

1. Have your parent talk to someone outside the family about personal matters

Because many older adults can find the transition to receiving advice and care from their own children somewhat embarrassing, it can often be very difficult and frustrating to try to talk to our parents about topics like installing safety equipment in their home, giving up their car keys, or wearing an ID bracelet. But these are conversations that need to be had. To make it easier on both you and your elderly parent, try having them talk to a third party outside of the family about these issues. This third party can either be a friend, or a professional in the form of a therapist or someone in the geriatric care profession.

These third party individuals can help provide a feeling of equality for your parent, and at the very least their advice is more likely to be taken.  Having an outsider to be the one to make unbiased recommendations to your parent about potential safety issues can be instrumental in getting your parent to cooperate.

2. Determine your own needs as well as your parents'

Taking care of an aging parent can add unneeded stress to an already very busy life and schedule. Because of this, it is important to make a plan delegating your wants and needs as, well as the wants and needs of your parents, to ensure that you can enjoy the time with your parents rather than spending it arguing.

It is important to determine how closely you are able to be involved with parents' care, while still maintaining the personal and professional jobs and duties of your own. It can be beneficial to speak with a geriatric care manager or an in-home care specialist in this situation to help ensure that the needs and desires you have determined are going to be met.

3. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to seek professional help

This is a time that can be very difficult and frustrating for both you and your parents, so leaning on the advice and expertise of professionals who have experience with elder care can be very beneficial. When you start asking yourself the following questions, it may be time to seek out professional help:

  1. Are my parents safe in their home?
  2. Are my parents' health concerns taking me away from my own family and obligations?
  3. Are my parents needs and concerns becoming more than I can manage?
  4. How can I make sure that both my and my parents' needs are being met?
  5. What kind of assistance can me and my parents afford?
  6. What resources are out there that could benefit my parents?
  7. What kind of help would increase my parents' safety while also maintaining their independence?

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