Engaging Social Activities for Older Adults

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Written by Geena Graham

Age should not define your ability to lead an active and invigorating life. In fact, today's seniors are leading more vigorous and engaging lives than ever before. Most seniors are no longer content with a short strolls outdoors or sitting on the front porch drinking lemonade, they want to be out in the world, enjoying their lives, and making lasting memories.

While it is perfectly ok to spend time taking it easy and relaxing as we age (we have earned that after all), it can be very beneficial in many ways to keep up an engaging lifestyle. Staying physically active has many benefits such as reducing aches and pains and enhancing balance and coordination - think gentle yoga, hikes, and water aerobics or swimming. But what about staying mentally and socially active? These types of activities are equally important for staying fit and healthy as we age, and to make sure we continue to get the most out of life. Here are a few engaging social activities for older adults that want to keep living to the fullest:


Are you passionate about animals, or an advocate for children? No matter your age or activity level, volunteering can be an extremely fulfilling and joyful activity. The older we get the more free time we tend to have, and spending it on a good cause is a great way to help others and also help yourself stay mentally and socially active. From helping at an animal shelter, to holding babies at the hospital, to volunteering at your local community center, these little acts of kindness can go a long way in the lives of others. No matter your age, you can make a difference in someone else’s life, and not even realize the impact you have on them.

Search for volunteer opportunities here.

College Courses

Did you know that some colleges offer discounts to seniors? And others allow seniors to audit classes, which mean you can take the same classes as students, but you do not receive actual credit and you’re not working towards a degree. Some community colleges also offer programs to finish getting your degree if you did not complete a degree-program when you were younger, as well as other senior-specific offerings. Now may be the perfect time to learn a new language, master a new skill, or dive into a topic that interests you. After all, getting older doesn’t mean you shouldn't continue to learn new things. The world around us is ever-changing, and being able to adapt, grow and evolve with it is a pretty miraculous feat that we should be taking advantage of.

Arts & Crafts

Ready to rediscover your artistic side? Most of us have had at least one creative hobby in our younger years, and it’s important as we age to tap back into that. Rekindling a hidden passion for poetry or a long lost love in music, scrap-booking, knitting, photography or drawing for example, can provide us with the ability to express ourselves creatively like never before. Sometimes we can forget what its like to have a hobby or passion, but nowadays there are so many avenues and outlets to consider when seeking these types of activities, that it is a great time to find a hobby that drives you. The Internet offers a wealth of resources to find local artistic communities that are just a click away. These communities can offer classes to continue learning and developing your hobby, as well as support, guidance, and friendships.

Aging doesn’t have to be scary. The goal is to stay engaged, motivated and passionate about life as we age. Our older years are far from being the end of the road, with new passions, hobbies, and social activities, we will find that there is so much more road to travel.