Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors: Tips to Help Older Adults

Ensure hurricane preparedness for seniors with these tips. home health care --

Hurricanes are a natural part of Florida living. Find helpful tips for hurricane preparedness for seniors from American In-Home Care.
With more hurricanes hitting Florida than any other U.S state, being prepared is more than just a good idea; it’s a necessity. And with the devastation from Hurricane Michael in 2018 still fresh in our minds, now is the perfect time to review our emergency plans, ensure we’re stocked up on supplies, and have copies of all of our important documents safely stored in case we need them. We invite you to read through this previous blog post for specific recommendations. Since older adults require special considerations when preparing for a natural disaster such as a hurricane, we’re compiled some helpful resources to ensure their particular needs are addressed:

The Administration for Community Living Emergency Preparedness: With as many as half of older adults diagnosed with two or more chronic medical conditions, in addition to the normal impacts of aging, vulnerability is magnified during a time of crisis. This page provides tips for a “whole-community” approach to preparedness to ensure the wellbeing of our area’s senior population.

State of Florida Elder Affairs Disaster Preparedness Guide for Elders: With messages from both the governor and secretary of Florida, this downloadable document contains a wealth of information, answers to frequently asked questions, help with determining insurance coverage, what to do when a hurricane warning is issued, and much more.

The American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness For Seniors By Seniors Guide: Written by a group of seniors who experienced the unique perspective of enduring a two-week power outage during a massive ice storm in New York, this guide is invaluable for gaining firsthand wisdom and suggestions to help older adults safely weather any storm.

Older Floridians Handbook: Published by the Florida Justice Institute, Inc., with input from Carlton Fields, P.A. and the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, this handbook highlights legal and program information on topics that are of special interest to older Floridians.

Safe Drug Use After a Natural Disaster: The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has compiled important information on the use of medications impacted by fire, flood, unsafe water, or power outages – crucial for older adults, the majority of whom are taking multiple medications.

In addition, we’re pleased to refer fully credentialed caregivers to seniors and their families to ensure they’re completely prepared and supported before, during, and after a hurricane. Whether the need is for assistance in putting together an emergency preparedness plan and kit, helping with personal care needs, preparing meals, running errands, or simply providing friendly companionship and reassurance during a time of uncertainty, our referred care providers are here for you.

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