How Respite Care Services Benefit Seniors with Dementia and Their Family Caregivers

Respite care services are beneficial for family members to have a healthy life balance.

When someone you love has been diagnosed with dementia, it can be overwhelming. Questions need to be answered, decisions need to be made, and educational resources are crucial to understanding how the disease will progress, what to expect, and how to best help the senior.

While there’s a preconceived notion that nursing home care is inevitable for someone with dementia, there is actually a viable alternative in many cases: respite care from a referred care provider at American, Advocate or Whitsyms In-Home Care. Respite care services allow seniors to remain at home, where they’re most comfortable. And, they allow family caregivers the opportunity for regular breaks from providing care – something that is critical to their own health and wellbeing.

Here are just a few reasons that care at home for someone with dementia is preferred:

  • Routines are important for those with dementia, to help minimize confusion and disorientation. Respite care at home allows seniors to follow routines they are already accustomed to with the familiarity of family caregivers.
  • Respite care services are highly personalized according to each person’s specific needs and challenges. The referred care provider will follow the family caregiver’s lead, with the added benefit of being able to provide recommendations for creative solutions to the any difficulties or issues being faced.
  • Skilled dementia care providers understand how to ensure a calm, soothing environment for someone with dementia. They know, for instance, never to argue with someone with dementia or try to correct the person. They can also incorporate music, art, and other types of meaningful activities into each day to enhance quality of life.
  • Continuing to live at home alleviates a particular type of stress for someone with dementia known as transfer trauma. Transfer trauma in dementia is common, resulting from relocation and leading to a greater chance for the senior to wander and to feel anxious, isolated, and depressed.

The benefits of respite care services extend to family members as well. The stress associated with providing dementia care for a loved one can quickly lead to health concerns such as caregiver burnout and depression. These conditions can also negatively impact the senior who is receiving care.

Family members need to ensure plenty of time for their own self-care, for relaxing, enjoyable activities, to spend time with family members and friends, and to take care of other obligations. Respite care can be arranged on a regular, consistent basis – whether just a few hours once a week or every day, and even overnight.

At American, Advocate and Whitsyms In-Home Care, we’re pleased to refer care providers who can help through:

  • Companionship for conversations, reminiscing, and other meaningful activities to enhance cognitive functioning
  • Evaluation of overall health and wellbeing
  • Personal hygiene assistance such as showering/bathing, getting dressed and using the bathroom
  • Medication management
  • Meals and eating
  • And more

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