Top Tips to Manage Arthritis Pain in Older Adults


Arthritis pain impacts an astounding one in every two older Americans, and can cause seniors to limit physical activity – leading to a vicious circle of additional pain and discomfort. The top-rated referred care providers at American, Advocate, and Whitsyms In-Home Care offer the following suggestions to ease arthritis pain in older adults and lead to a better quality of life.


  • Heat and cold therapy Both heat and cold can help with improving circulation, reducing muscle spasms, and relieving stiffened muscles and joints. Some individuals respond better to heat, and others to cold, so try both to see which works best for a senior you love. Be sure to place a thin towel between the senior’s skin and the source of heat or cold, and then apply a heating pad, heat wrap, air-activated heat patch, cold wrap or pad, a small bag of ice or frozen peas. Remove after no more than 10 – 15 minutes to protect the skin.
  • Massage Gentle massage, with lotion or oil to reduce friction on the skin, can help relax painful joints and muscles, and also promote better sleep. Warming the area first as mentioned above can help prevent any pain that may be experienced.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices Losing weight removes extra pressure on the knees and other joints. For a senior who is overweight, talk with the doctor for a recommended diet and exercise plan, and then help the senior stay motivated to stick with the plan. Having someone to exercise with is a great motivator, so join in and work out together!

The referred Florida in-home care experts at American, Advocate, and Whitsyms In-Home Care can help seniors with arthritis to feel more comfortable too. Whether the need is for transportation to medical appointments, planning and preparing healthy meals, offering encouragement and opportunities to remain physically active, or a wide range of other care needs, families trust our referred care providers to make life the very best it can be for seniors at home.

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